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Our Team

Trey Durden


Born under rare circumstances, Trey Durden has spent most of his life under the weather. With his unique determination and courageous will power, he was able to overcome his illness and succeed in the game we all call life. Please visit to learn more!

Zack Keen

Lead Executive Producer

The Vice President and one of the founding members for Bayside Productions, Zack Keen serves many roles and wears several hats. From team member management to screen writing to budget oversight, Zack is the perfect person for any project.

Jared Thompson

Project Manager

From acting to catering, Jared Thompson does it all. Managing comes easy to him as his leadership abilities exceed expectations. He's also an on call stunt man along with singing in a choir and is a unique and inspiring individual who always cares the most about other's needs. 

Ryan Hinojosa

Assistant Director/DP

With an exceptional professional eye, Ryan Hinojosa has made it his mission to capture the perfect shot. He excelled in multimedia production while attending Florida Atlantic University and is the founder of Ozone Creative. His guerrilla run-and-gun film style superbly coincides with his flawless and creative end results.


Contact us

Please send us an email and one of our representatives will contact you.

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