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Theatrical Film Concept Awareness Trailers

Public Service Announcements

Bayside Productions, LLC enjoys creating concept trailers to raise awareness of important public issues and to reach those in need. 

Please check out our original concept trailers below that are either completed, or in progress. Contact us to participate in the next project.


Theatrical Film Trailer to support Lyme Disease and Functional Neurology Awareness. Visit our Instagram and Youtube channels to learn more.

A territorial angel named Roman is struck with brain damage while rescuing a beautiful aspiring news reporter. Together, they overcome several obstacles as Roman fully heals in the nick of time to save the city from being overrun by demons. Directed and Produced by Trey Durden and Zack Keen. Theatrical Film Concept Awareness Trailer to support Lyme Disease and Functional Neurology.


An aspiring musician seeks validity for his unique music and ventures along a long path to stardom with a up and coming producer. Together, they rule the industry!

WUPC Title01.04.png


The year is 2030, Ultimate Painball is the sport of choice across the nation as collegiate and professional players battle with high velocity paintball guns. Who will win the championship?

The doctors who saved Trey's life...

Dr. David E. Kemp, DC, DACNB, FABBIR

Functional Neurologist - Board Certified Chiropractic Doctor

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas Edison 

Dr. Kemp at the Carrick Brain Center

Dr. Melanie Barton Bragg, EdD

Holistic Psychotherapist

Dr. Melanie Barton has been a holistic psychotherapist since 1985. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling and Community Development.

She teaches her clients meditation and visualization. She is an advocate for people who get bogged down trying to get needed services. She has a knack for linking people, information, resources, including using her own experience. Dr. Barton’s therapeutic practice focuses on helping clients balance the six areas of their life: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and social. She does so through a variety of methods.

Dr. Melanie has published poetry, magazine articles, and four books. She is about to publish her fifth which is about restorative justice. If you wish to reach her to schedule an appointment, hire her for a speaking engagement, or to consult with her, email at

Dr. Shirley Hartman, MD PA

Holistic Family Physician & Lyme Disease Specialist

Dr. Shirley Hartman, MD PA is a Holistic Family Physician and Lyme Disease Specialist based out of Jacksonville, FL. 

Please call the main office at (904) 268-5826 for more information or to set up an appointment.



A team of scientist get bombarded with strange messages from outer space that lead them to the edge of the earth. They must use every expense to reach the edge before succumbing to the world governments chasing them.

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